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Sewers & Drains
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Sewers & Drains

Our trenchless sewer repair D&E Sewer Mechanical services are especially important. Many of the main lines in the local houses and business here are old. Leaks can occur and create soft spots on the soil of the property. This can be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Old trees with long roots can enter the drain piping creating stoppages.

Using trenchless main line repair, means less digging. With old sewer drains, we send through a cable with a head that bursts the pipes from the inside. As we push through the cable, a seamless tubing is pulled through behind it. This is attached to the start of the house’s main line and attached to the exit point in the city’s sewer line. Using this type of sewer line replacement, only two holes need to be dug. One is dug at the entry point and one at the exit point.

With traditional sewer line replacement, the entire line must be dug up. The old pipe is removed and replaced. The main line, when replaced in this manner, will be done in segments. Your new line will have seams as the original piping did, but with a seamless tube, there is greatly reduced chances of leaks.

Our sewer repair D&E Sewer Mechanical services also include the use of an epoxy blowing method. This is done by injecting an epoxy in the old drain in such a way that it is spread throughout the inside of the old drain. All leaks are sealed. This type of repair can often be done without any digging at all.

Our sewer line repair services extends to drain cleaning. It is common for a main line drain to have a stoppage due to roots from trees. Unless this problem is happening often, you most likely need to have the blockage cleared and not a sewer line repair or replacement. Our sewer drain cleaning professionals can come out to your home, and using main line rooter machines, they can cut through the roots that will clear out your line.

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